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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HiveEx? 

We're an over-the-counter brokerage for trading cryptocurrencies. We offer internationally sharp pricing on large trades through leveraging our global reaching and extensive network of institutional partners.

Trading with HiveEx means you can avoid the significant slippage risk experienced when trading against illiquid order books of even the largest retail exchanges.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, (registered as Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd) was founded in February 2018 by the co-founders of Finder, Fred Schebesta and Frank Restuccia.

Our awards:'s co-founder, Fred Schebesta, has been awarded the following prestigious awards in 2017 by global professional services company, EY (Ernst & Young).
2017 Australian National Winner, Services Category
2017 Australian National Finalist, Eastern Region
2017 Australian Regional Finalist, Eastern Region
Fred Schebesta on at EY 2017 awards
Fred Schebesta on Sky News

Which currencies are supported?

HiveEx has access to over 60 cryptocurrency pairs, and many avenues available to source large volumes of less established or low liquidity cryptocurrencies.

Commonly Traded
BTC - Bitcoin
ETH - Ethereum
XRP - Ripple
LTC - Litecoin
BCH - Bitcoin Cash
XLM - Stellar
ADA - Cardano
XMR - Monero
+ >50 more - Enquire

USDT - Tether (Omni Layer or ERC20)
PAX - Paxos Standard Token
AUS - Gold Standard (ERC20)
AGS - Silver Standard (ERC20)
+ more: Enquire

Fiat - Deposit/Settlement Pairs: 
USD ($) - United States Dollar
AUD ($) - Australian Dollar
EUR (€) - Euro
HKD (HK$) - Hong Kong Dollar
SGD (S$) - Singapore Dollar
CHF (SFr) - Swiss Franc
GBP (£) - Great British Pound
CAD ($) - Canadian Dollar
JPY (¥) - Japanese Yen
ZAR (R) - South African Rand
INR (₹) - Indian Rupee
NZD ($) - New Zealand Dollar
ILS (₪) - Israeli Shekel

We take pride in building solutions - please reach out to us if your preferred currency is not listed. Enquire now

Is HiveEx Regulated?

Yes - HiveEx abides by Australian regulation set for the digital currency exchange industry. This falls under the jurisdiction of AUSTRAC, which is the Australian financial intelligence agency. The agency launched regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges in April 2018. We received registration with AUSTRAC on April 23, 2018. implements know-your-customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) programs to prevent the illegal use of cryptocurrencies. HiveEx is obligated to report suspicious behaviour to AUSTRAC.

Trade Minmium

Generally, our trade minimum is $50,000. We are however able to accommodate lesser amounts depending on the trading pair, time of day, settlement currency and urgency of trade.

We will always do everything within our power to accommodate your needs and recommend that you enquire or open an account with us for one of our traders to advise.

How long does it take to create an account?

If you have provided the correct, clear and sufficient information/documentation, account approval from our compliance team is generally completed within 24 hours. Subject to additional compliance inquiry.

How do I deposit funds? 

Upon approval to trade with HiveEx, our trading team will discuss your needs and share our banking details to ensure trading can occur at the earliest convenience.

How long does settlement take?

Settlements in fiat
Fiat settlements generally occur between the same-day up to 3 business days.
This heavily depends on the location of your bank, the currency being settled and the time the trade took place. With context, our traders can always advise for each trade an expected settlement time frame.

Settlements in cryptocurrency
Settlement in cryptocurrency are generally completed within the hour.
This depends on whether you have pre-funded our wallet/bank account. We aim to have every trade settled as quickly as possible. With context, our traders can always advise for each trade on an expected settlement time frame.

What is the buying and selling process?

1. You will be assigned a chatroom with our traders in either WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, WeChat or your preferred live messaging platform.
- This chatroom is where all discussion, quotes and agreement will take place.

2. Request a quote anytime in your trade room, indicating size and pair.
- e.g "I'd like to buy $250,000 USD worth of Bitcoin".

3. We make a price per coin on your requested currency pair.
- e.g "We offer $4,000 per Bitcoin"

4. You confirm or deny our price.
- Client: "I accept".
- HiveEx: "HiveEx Sells 62.50 BTC at $4,000 for a total of $250,000".

5. Both parties conclude outstanding settlement.
- HiveEx will provide an email summary of the agreed trade, and request or provide necessary details such as a Bitcoin wallet address to deposit trade proceeds to.

If a price is not agreed, HiveEx can refresh again at your convenience.

How do you store cryptocurrency?

All cryptocurrency is kept in cold storage, hardware wallets in secure locations.

How do you send me the cash?

All transfers are made through bank or wire transfers for funds.
Bank transfer or FX fees may apply.
HiveEx will only trade on funds received, please consider fees your bank may apply in advance.

What are the costs?

The price you're quoted is all you pay. HiveEx makes a competitive live market based on a number of variables. As such there is no fees, with consideration given to items such as the trade size and volatility of the market.

How long do I have to confirm a price HiveEx makes? 

Prices are live and can be revoked prior to client confirmation with no notice.

Generally, clients will have ~30 seconds to confirm or deny a trade. HiveEx can refresh the price as needed, and will endeavour to inform clients when a prompt response is required should the market be highly volitile.

Our traders take great pride in providing a smooth, clear and stress free experience in trading. We are more than happy to show indications on price anytime, and will be happy to take you through "test" trade scenarios to help familiarise you with our trading process.

Will money transfers from overseas get blocked?

This has never caused an issue to date.
We have an FX partner who looks after all our international transfers. HQ is located in Sydney, Australia
Level 10, 99 York St, Sydney, Australia
ACN: 624 470 417
ABN 76 624 470 417

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